Facebook Graph Search and Your Business

January 23, 2013 by Melody

On January 15, Facebook had big news to announce. Prior to Zuckerberg taking the stage, the social media world was bursting with curiosity. What new feature or product would Facebook announce next? Some speculated that perhaps Facebook was ready to announce its own smartphone. Others figured it would be an announcement by Facebook to take over the world. Oh wait… But I digress…

The biggest announcement from Facebook that day was a new search feature called Graph Search. The new web searching functionality has left users and businesses with a big question mark. What does this mean for you? What does Graph Search mean for your business?

First things first: What is Graph Search?

Graph Search utilizes the copious amounts of data published on Facebook at any given time. (Think Facebook isn’t paying attention to what you’re talking about? Think again.) Users can now search for other users by specific criteria. For example, I might search “my friends who like Il Cane Rosso.” Shameless plug for my favorite pizza spot in Dallas. Other examples: “friends of friends who have been to Klyde Warren Park” or “photos my friends took in Colorado.”

Graph Search utilizes the sharing of information that is already taking place on Facebook, and essentially allows users to connect the dots between pieces of information. This first version of Graph Search contains four key focus areas: people, photos, places and interests.

Graph Search is currently in limited preview, but Facebook has made this detailed breakdown of Graph Search available.

What does Graph Search mean for your business?

Your ranking in Graph Search primarily depends on current engagement on your company’s Facebook page. Now’s the time to fine-tune your strategy to reach your target audience, and then get them engaged with your content. Facebook Graph Search could even mean a boost to your SEO. According to Facebook, “the search bar first returns the top search suggestions, including people, Pages, apps, places, groups and suggested searches.” It will also display Bing results and ads for web searches.

If you want to get the most out of Facebook’s new search tool, here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure your Page name, category, web address and About section are all complete.
  • Set up a vanity URL.
  • Update your location with your current address so you will appear in search results of a specific location.
  • Share content directly on your Page: Only photos and videos shared on your Page can appear as results for photo and video-related searches.
  • Give your fans good reason to interact and with your Page by posting unique, interesting and engaging content. (Need help with content? Find out how I can help!)

Learn more about Graph Search from Facebook here or check out this video:

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