The Blessing of the Gift and the Giver

January 29, 2013 by Melody

This morning I was reading the Collie’s (founders of Sole Hope) blog about their recent move to Uganda. In one post, written just before they left the States, Dru wrote about their need to purchase a van once they arrived in Uganda — not only for their family’s own transportation, but for the transportation of the ministry’s supplies and anyone who would travel to Uganda to serve alongside them.

So we put out the word…. at the Art of HOPE event in November we had a large sign and donation box which received zero donations that night,” Dru writes.  “We got down to 16 days from leaving without a clear view of how we could possibly pay for a 15 passenger 4WD van in Uganda.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be at least a little (ok, probably a lot) nervous at this point. You pack up your family, including 3 small children, sell all your belongings to move to Uganda to serve the Lord by serving the people there, and yet you don’t have what you need to make it all work?

I tend to question God in moments like this. Are you REALLY sure you know what you’re doing, God? And proceed to give him my suggestions of how I think he should work. (It’s a good thing God has a sense of humor, because I’m sure he spends a great deal of time laughing at how foolish I am in my inability to trust the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE!)

Dru goes on to write about a meeting he had just before they headed east…

Then on January 1st I met with an amazing couple who provided the ENTIRE amount we need to purchase the van!!  This is another prayer answered by our Lord who knows our needs and provides.

And it hit me: Sometimes I think God allows us to go without because he wants to give someone else the opportunity to be blessed by giving.

Simple enough. But oh how I complicate things.

Think about it. If the Collie’s had received donations to cover their transportation needs at the event in November, the couple who gave so generously may have never had that chance. Giving is an opportunity for God to teach us something. It’s also an opportunity for him to pour blessings on not only the recipient of that gift, but on the giver as well.

I want to learn to be more thankful for the “lean” times in my life when God gives me the opportunity to lean on him in faith and sit back and watch how he provides.

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  • Melody, thank you so much for this blog post! You are a talented writer and amazing supporter of Sole Hope! Would love to see you and Matt in UG sometime in the future!!

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