Crossfit and Keanu

February 6, 2013 by Melody

Since my last Crossfit post, “My Journey With Crossfit — The Backstory,” I’ve completed the three-week introductory class (called Elements) and signed up for my first month of membership. I took a week off following the end of the Elements class, and today was my first day at Crossfit, for real.

I debated all day about whether or not I was going to do it. (I couldn’t muster up the guts yesterday, but I blame that on the fact that it was Monday!) At about 3p.m. today, I got online and paid for my first month’s membership, and then I knew I had do to it! Thankfully, there’s a 4:30pm class, which is really the perfect time because by then I’m tired of working and could use a break.

I don’t have much to report here, other than the fact that the workout was great, and I actually enjoyed it. There’s definitely no boredom factor when you join Crossfit. If you’re doing Crossfit and you’re bored, you might want to check your pulse!

Today’s WOD (workout of the day) was:

10 deadlifts (heavy)
50 double unders (a tricky jump rope skill!)
15 weighted situps
Repeat x4

The deadlifts weren’t bad, though I’m sure I’ll be feeling my hamstrings in the morning when I walk down 43 stairs to take Rigo outside! I wasn’t sure what “heavy” was for me, I probably could have handled a little more weight.

Double unders are going to take me a while. One thing I lack: coordination. In a double under, you want the jump rope to circle you twice between each jump. Yea…I’ll keep working on that one! I plan to purchase a jump rope and start annoying my downstairs neighbors! Ha!

Here’s a Double Unders How To…he makes it look easy! I challenge you to give it a try!

So that’s it, Day 1 of Crossfit For Real.

What about Keanu? Is Crossfit actually really easy and we’re all just out of shape? Yes and no. Crossfit isn’t easy (case-in-point: double unders). But, every day, you have the opportunity to scale your workout up or down to fit your fitness level. If I can do it, so can you!

I’m going on my first cruise in 2 1/2 weeks…I’m not exactly in swimsuit shape, but I’m pleased to think I’ll at least feel better about myself on the beach simply because I’ve been working out than I would if I sat on the couch the next 2 1/2 weeks.

Oh, and I’m still off Diet Dr. Pepper. It’s HARD! But I gotta give a little credit to my boyfriend who encourages me (and brings me iced tea instead!)

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