46 days (and counting)!

September 24, 2013 by Melody

It’s hard to believe that in just 46 days, I get to marry my best friend. The last few months have been a whirlwind of wedding shopping, cake tasting, dress shopping (and altering!), crafting and so much fun! Throw in there a 10-day trip back to Kansas to visit family and meet my newest niece, Emalynn — it’s been a bit crazy around here to say the least!

At night, I go to bed with my mind racing of all the things that need to get done. Phone calls to make, lists to be written, things to be purchased. I’m trying so hard not to forget a single detail, and yet I know (and have been reminded many times), I’ll forget something. Something won’t go just as I imagined on that day, but it will be OK. Why? Because at the end of the day, it isn’t about having every detail perfect, but about the love and joy I get to share on that day, not only with Matt, but with every family member and friend who will be there.

One thing Matt and I have said all along is that we are determined not to have a boring wedding. I want my guests to feel like they are very much a part of that day, I want them to feel loved and cared for. And I’m trying to do all I can to make that happen. It’s funny, cause so many of the little things we’re doing aren’t so much for Matt and I, but for our guests.

Most importantly, I want everyone there to feel the love of Jesus, and to know that without Him, this marriage would not be possible.

Every day, I have to remind myself to enjoy this process, because it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. And really, I think we’ve done a good job of keeping things in perspective. I can honestly say Matt and I haven’t had a single fight about anything wedding-related. (Of course, we have had disagreements, but nothing heated.) It’s been fun to see how we have been able to serve each other through this process.

For example:

diy wedding chalkboards

Sneak peak of our wedding chalkboards.

For the last several weeks, we’ve been working on one particular project: chalkboards. Just something fun and charming that I want to have there on that day. Matt has been incredible in making my vision come to life. He has worked tirelessly, not only learning to use a complicated design program to layout the design of each chalkboard, but in the tedious process of measuring, tracing and chalking each board to perfection. (Read more about our DIY wedding chalkboards here.)It’s silly, but I get teary-eyed just thinking about how hard he has worked to make a seemingly trivial piece of the wedding come to life, simply because it was something I wanted. He knew that I would be disappointed if we didn’t do the absolute best job we could on these chalkboards (enter my perfectionist tendencies), and so he has researched, learned and executed them in a way far more than I ever imagined. In this process, he has served me well.

And I want so bad to make the little things he has requested (and few things he has requested!) happen. Why? Because I love him. I want what he wants. And I want to serve him in that way.

(I also have to mention the numerous things our families and friends have done throughout this process to help make our vision a reality. We couldn’t do it without our parents, families and the support of our friends!)

It’s my hope and prayer that these little things we have done for each other throughout this process are only the foundation for a lifetime of serving each other in marriage. We may have disagreements from time to time. There will be times there are things I want to do that Matt isn’t so excited about and visa versa. But it is my prayer that we will love each other in such a way that making those sacrifices are a joy, not a burden.

Here’s the really gushy part: I am deeply, madly, forever in love with Matt Foster. I love him more today than yesterday. And I love him as much as I am capable of loving him. And I am excited about the fact that as much as I love him today, my love for him will only grow as time goes on. I look forward to the day 50 years from now when I can say I love him more that day than on the day we got married.

And the challenge to myself: am I allowing my love for Jesus to grow with each and every passing day as well?

In 46 days, I marry the love of my life. And I look forward to a lifetime of growing closer to him as we grow closer to Jesus together.

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