• About Melody

    I’m a freelance writer with a penchant for Pugs and a portfolio of articles from tech to beauty and beyond. A communicator at heart, my true passion is covering issues promoting positive change in our world.

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  • My Blog

    Want to know what’s in my head? Read my blog for all things Melody — not always related to business. In fact, rarely is.

  • Freelance Writing

    I’m a freelance writer who has experience working with multiple digital marketing agencies in Dallas writing for clients in nearly every industry. I have experience writing blogs, website content, newsletters, and have also worked on book projects.

  • Social Media

    Social Media is a necessary and valuable component of any business marketing plan. How are you handling your social media? Let me help!

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  • Published Work

    I am a regular contributor to TwitChange, a website aiming to be the leading provider of breaking news and content on how social media is making the world a better place. Click here to read the latest from TwitChange.


About Melody

I create blog, website, newsletter, press release and social media content for agencies and clients clients. I edit and ghostwrite books. I also manage social media accounts for clients.

Content Marketing

Research shows companies who blog not only rank higher in search engines, but can increase leads and sales. If you are looking for someone to create content for you, let me work with you to make your content marketing campaign a success.

Let's Connect!

I know that every business has different needs, and will tailor your campaign to suit those needs. Send an email to melody.harstine@gmail.com and we can discuss your specific needs, and a campaign that is right for you.


Want to know what's in my head? Read my blog for all things Melody -- related and unrelated to business.

Social Media Gone Wrong

Celeb Boutique Twitter Blunder Social media should be used to manage crisis,...

20th Jul

Wait for it…

Awake at 5:00am and can’t sleep so what do I do? A...

06th Jul
Waiting on God

The Trials of Trust

I had a core meltdown today. A call-your-mama-and-cry kind of meltdown. Why?...

05th Jul

The cost of liberty and the cost of LIBERTY

  For freedom You set me free And yes, I am free...

04th Jul