Are you looking for help developing content for your blog, newsletters, website or press releases? Do you recognize the need to utilize social media for your business, but struggle to understand it? Are you ready to write that book you’ve always said you’d write, but need help getting your ideas on paper?

I am a freelance, independent contract worker, doing business as myself for my clients. I do work with a number of strategic partners in digital marketing and publishing. If I can’t help you on a project for your digital marketing or publishing need, I will refer you to one of my trusted partners.

Let’s work together! I will work with you to develop a strategy to accomplish your content marketing and writing goals. I can work with you on a monthly retainer basis (package deals for my services) or an á la carte basis, depending on your needs.

Let’s connect today and discuss how we can work together to accomplish your goals and fulfill your writing needs.

Send an email to and let me know how I can help you out!

Learn more about my Social Media and Writing services.

Connect with me on Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Click here to view my resume.


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